Ruth Wetherford, Ph.D.

Selecting a Therapist or Psychological Consultant

Hi, I’m Dr. Ruth Wetherford and I want you to have a good therapy experience.

Getting to the truth about what is real and honest for ourselves is often difficult, especially about aspects of our lives that are frustrating and disappointing.

When this moment happens, of feeling something real that had been hidden, our perceptions change. Our understandings deepen, we can see the connectedness of things, and sometimes there is a feeling of tenderness for ourselves and others. In these moments, we can see our specialness, our uniqueness, and it’s exciting.

Once we can feel and know our truths more clearly, we get all sorts of creative inspirations and ideas and energy about what will make things better. This is what I like helping people do.

Ruth is a natural therapist: warm, wise, empathic, and down-to-earth. I had the privilege of being trained by her, and over 20 years later she’s one of the very few therapists I refer to with complete confidence. If you want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, as well as make positive changes, by all means take this opportunity to learn from her.- Victor Yalom, PhD Psychologist, San Francisco, Founder and CEO,