Ruth Wetherford, Ph.D.

Better Family Now

A Plan for Developing Yourself in Your Family of Origin

What desire do you have?

  • To feel more acceptance and approval between family members?
  • To maintain an inner sense of emotional stability and not get swept so automatically into conflicts between the others?
  • To change some unfair invisible rules between you and others and establish greater relationship justice?
  • To experience more fun, appreciation and gratitude when you are with each of them or with several together?

Most people feel that the relationships with their spouse or mate and child or children are the most powerful sources of pleasure or pain in their interior lives. Even so, relationships with family of origin members, your mother and father, sisters and brothers, are important in how we feel about our lives.

The vast majority of people feel somewhat uncomfortable and unnatural in the presence of one or more of their original family members.  Irritable and anticipating a fight, or pleasantly withdrawn and expecting superficial conversation, most people feel like they just can’t truly be themselves during contacts with one or more family members.

Yet there is such a depth of love and desire for the happiness of and closer contact with other family members. This conflict, between love and hope for better connection, on the one hand, and resignation that happier family relationships are impossible, on the other, is a source of lifelong frustration and ambivalence for too many people.

I am a specialist for people who want to have a better time with at least one member of their family of origin. My Better Family Now Method will be a powerful guide to help you:

  • understand the private meanings of your reactions, so you can identify how you’d rather react;
  • identify what your desires are and set a specific goal;
  • become an expert on each person you’d like to react differently to (to find clues you can use to move incrementally towards your goal);
  • plan a campaign (series of steps toward the goal);
  • take the steps in an intelligent, positive and enjoyable way;
  • feel so much better as you become the way you want to be in reaction/relation to your family members.

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