Ruth Wetherford, Ph.D.

Guided Imagery

Medical/neurological, psychological, athletic and performing arts research is full of confirmation that imagery works.  When we focus inwardly, with all of our senses in undistracted concentration, on something specific that we want to do or become, it has a strong effect on our bodies and minds, our motivation and moods.  It is truly a powerful capacity build into our brains!

In our work together, I will make audio recordings of imagery that is customized for you.  Based on the content or topic you want to focus on, and using your preferences of ways to relax, scenery, tempo, or background music, I’ll make the recording and email the audio file to you or bring it to our session.

Most people who use my homemade recordings focus on four main topics:

  • reducing stress and enhancing peace of mind (relaxing muscles and staying calm);
  • coping with an interpersonal difficulty (such as with a family member or work associate);
  • breaking through procrastination and distractions (to move more productively towards goals);
  • and enhancing preparation for and recovery from surgery, or promoting healing from disease.

I’ve made many recordings that are one-of-a-kind.  The results are amazingly positive.

This is one of the most creative, enjoyable and effective aspects of the work I do.  I hope you will join me!