Ruth Wetherford, Ph.D.


I’ve worked with many different people over the years, from all walks of life, with all sorts of problems and situations. One thing I’ve learned for sure is that there is no one right way to live. For most people, though, having a connection with at least one other person that affirms the basic value of our existence is vitally important. My work focuses on helping people improve their ability to create and maintain mutually enhancing connections with others.

Family of Origin
One of my specialties is helping people improve their relationships with their parents and siblings. This is called “Family of Origin Work”. Most of us believe that the problems in our families would be resolved if only the other person(s) would change. We suffer so much from our ineffective attempts to get them to change. In my approach I will encourage you to shift your focus to the ways you react and ways you would like to react in the uncomfortable, repeating family situations. Using humor, compassion, and gradualism (taking small steps), together with a thorough understanding of patterns of interaction within the family, you’ll find the hidden ways to less stress and better connection.
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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: EMDR
I believe that when we reduce our stress, anxiety or fear about something going on in our lives, we can think more clearly and effectively about it. I have found that EMDR is one of the most successful  tools that I use to help people cut through anxiety and begin immediately moving toward their desired results.
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Guided Imagery: Focus on What You Focus On
Close your eyes and picture a lemon floating about a foot in front of your face. A bright yellow, juicy lemon.  Can you smell its fragrance? Intensify your inner sense of sight and smell , and imagine holding the lemon and feeling its weight, roundness and firmness. Now slice it in two and bring half of the lemon up to your mouth and take a bite.  Can you taste the lemon’s sour juice and feel yourself salivating?

If you answer “yes” to the above suggestions, you have an imagination that can be used as a great enhancer to achieving anything you want that can be visualized.
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For too many years I was estranged from one of my sons, who wanted nothing to do with me. When I began in earnest to try and re-establish a relationship with him, he said, and I quote “I do not need you or want you in my life”. I felt defeated and didn’t know what to do, so I contacted Dr. Ruth Wetherford. Thanks to her fantastic coaching and advice, I was able to navigate the troubled waters of re-connecting with my son. I am forever grateful. Thank you, Ruth, from the bottom of my heart.- Dan